Accounting, Reconciliation and Compliance (ARC)

ARC is a critical pillar of good corporate governance, driving financial management and profitability. Here is how we can help.


Utilize our ARC tools for streamlined financial reporting and proactive engagement with regulatory agencies. Easily comply with accounting standards, address revenue recognition challenges, and manage contractual obligations, modifications, revenue disclosures, and receivables/payables classification with our user-friendly tools.


Optimize with our ARC tools for seamless record comparison, ensuring accuracy and alignment across different sets. Swiftly reconcile GST and TDS returns with the financial books, releasing blocked cash. Minimize inaccuracies and compliance risks, identifying unaccounted receivables/payables with our Bank Reconciliation tools to free up additional cash.


Stay compliant effortlessly with our premier ARC tools. From filings to internal policies, ensure adherence to laws and regulations. Avoid costly failures and legal consequences. Use our easy, accurate tools to prevent penalties and safeguard your business reputation.

Revolutionize your Working Capital and Revenues with our Cutting-Edge ARC Toolkit

Harness the power of our top-tier, user-friendly ARC tools for seamless reconciliation. Expedite return preparation and filing, ensuring full compliance. Establish a unified source of truth with effortless connectors to popular accounting software such as Zoho & Tally, and other essential tools.

The ARC Toolkit includes:

In the pipeline –